What Makes us Unique

Japan’s first installation of the world's most advanced and innovative radiation oncology treatment system available

We are the very first hospital in Japan to install the state-of-the-art proton therapy system "Varian ProBeam ® 360°", manufactured by US based Varian Medical Systems Inc.

The 360-degree gantry rotates around the patient as the bed moves around freely, treating the tumor from several angles (3-dimensional irradiation). The pencil beam scanning technology allow the Radiation Oncologist to customize and target a patient's unique tumor size, shape and depth with unmatched precise deposition of radiation delivery.

Our facility director has over a decade of experience in using proton therapy to treat cancer.

Director of the Proton Therapy Center

FUWA, Nobukazu M.D.


Dr. FUWA is a graduate of the Mie University Hospital School of Medicine in 1981. He also serves as the head of the Radiation Oncology department.
Work History: Assistant director of Aichi Cancer Center, Director of Southern TOHOKU Proton Therapy Center, Director of Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Center.
Dr. FUWA joined the Central Japan International Medical Center faculty in 2021. He is a Radiation Oncologist and a leading expert and pioneer in the Radiation Oncology.

Treatments are delivered on an outpatient basis.

Since each treatment session is shorter than other forms of radiation therapy, a patient can receive this therapy on an outpatient setting while staying in Japan.

Each treatment session usually takes 10 to 15 minutes.

As a Comprehensive Medical Care Facility

A coordinated approach. Our 33 clinical departments work closely together in a team.

We have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and highly skilled and experienced multidisciplinary team work together. Other medical care specialists are there to deal with issues that go beyond cancer treatment.

We have 33 clinical departments here at Central Japan International Medical Center. We take a multidisciplinary team approach to provide care you need by a group of healthcare professionals from different disciplines collaborating and coordinating care to ensure that you can receive the most appropriate, effective care possible. A multidisciplinary allied health service allows you to access a variety of services through one single provider and support as many of your medical needs as possible if any other health issue is detected or if you suffer from radiation-induced side effects during the course of proton therapy even if you are here to receive a proton therapy for your cancer treatment in the first place.

Cancer Care you an Count on. We are “A Local Cancer Alliance's Clinical Network Hub”.

We can provide you an access to other cutting-edge cancer treatment options and deliver personalized cancer care tailored to fit your specific situation.

Cancer services across Japan are now being coordinated by "A Local Cancer Alliance's Clinical Network Hub" led by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare. We are one of the secondary medical institutions in the region designated by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as "A Local Cancer Alliance's Clinical Network Hub". The goal is to get hospitals and other medical services work together to help provide cancer patients with access to the comprehensive, multidisciplinary quality cancer care throughout the expansive network in the community you live.